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"I would like to recommend a beautifully designed course on R by VART, which I have attended recently.The course is boon to the beginners in R who wants to excel it. It has covered many aspects which is very important in our research work, starting from the very basic data structures, uses of functions, interactive graphs and maps to advanced statistical analysis in R. The course also provides us tremendous sources/tutorials for self learning. Moreover, it provides opportunity to ask infinite questions (which I usually asks) to clear the doubts, while learning.I have attended several previous R courses (online and offline both), but this one is something which develops confidence in me to read and write R codes, which is paramount for the completion of my PhD chapters. So, I would like to express my sincere gratitude to Dr. Jayanta Kumar Bora sir for providing me such a wonderful platform to learn and ask questions without hesitations This course is highly recommended. So, please do attend it once and experience the confidence to handle big data using R."

Dr. Ankita Srivastava

PhD Scholar, JNU, New Delhii
"I am always interested in graphical representation of data and statistical models prepared using R programming language. I did many attempts to learning R using YouTube, educational websites, and different workshops conducted during conferences but it didn't go well for me. I was searching for a short term and better designed course in R. Fortunately, one day, my Professor suggested me about the workshop on R, which is being organised by VART. I am happy to share that, this course has given me much confidence to play with a large number of statistical tools, and prepare clear and interesting graphs using R which was a dream for me before. Interestingly, I have successfully completed my course today and had a wonderful learning experience. I hereby, would like to thank Dr. Jayanta Kumar Bora for providing such a wonderful opportunity by designing this relevant course for young scholars. I also take this opportunity to suggest my friends, juniors and seniors to get enroll for this course. I am very positive that you all will get much benefit in your research career from this fruitful course.Thank you!"

Krishna Kumar

PhD Scholar, JNU, New Delhii
"My overall experience to join this workshop is so fabulous where I have learnt about how i can change a qualitative set of data into quantitative form by using SPSS and Excel .how we can handle large sized data with the help of R and STATA software.Then how to review literature systematical with the help of SCOPUS,web of science and so many new things related to research methodology like we must not be in hurry to just get paper published instead go for quality work"

Soni Kumari

Research Scholar,Patliputra University, College of Commerce,Arts And Science, Kankarbagh,Patna
"The Power BI sessions were great, we were taught from the basics and then taken to a higher level of expertise. Tools such as power query and DAX were also taken care of by the diligent resource person Dr Jayanta Bora. All in all, it was an experience of a lifetime."

Harsh Raj

MBA Student, IIT Mandi
"The workshop gave a significant knowledge of power BI and this gave us a stepping stone to further enhance our skills."

Himanshu Agarwal

MBA Student, IIT Mandi
"Well structured course with enough time given for everyone to catch up with the pace of teaching."

Apurv Verma

MBA Student, IIT Mandi
"Since I had no prior experience with Power BI, this workshop gave me a good exposure to the beginning of this tool."

Deeksha Gupta

MBA Student, IIT Mandi
"Very good , every basic aspect of Power BI was covered and thoroughly."

Aseem Sagar

MBA Student, IIT Mandi
"Overall experience was really good ON Power BI. The whole session was very detailed and Dr Jayanta Bora Sir was very patient with every student while teaching and properly explained any doubt we have."

Rashmita Bora

MBA Student, IIT Mandi
"From the last year(2023), in November, I decided to join the workshop of VART, India's program to learn about the stata (on big data like NFHS-5) as well as to strong the base of my research career with a slightly hesitant attitude. However, after joining the workshop have felt that after sitting in my native place, with simple language we can run stata for our work. Now, after some workshops I am able to run stata, and the software is comfortable for me, step by step I am handling the longitudinal and cross-sectional data with model building for the research objectives. Excited to join more workshops to learn new models from the same institution."

Riti Deshmukh

PhD Scholar, Banaras Hindu University, Varanasi, U.P., India.
"I had an absolutely overwhelming experience during the Power BI workshop! The in-depth insights gained, hands-on learning, and practical applications showcased the incredible potential of Power BI in transforming data into actionable business intelligence. Grateful for the opportunity to enhance my skills and leverage this powerful tool for impactful decision-making."

Harsh Kumar

MBA Student, IIT Mandi
"Those10 days were a transformative journey, starting with the foundational concepts of Power BI and gradually immersing ourselves in more advanced topics. We got quite a knowledge on data visualization, analytics, and business intelligence, gaining insights into the intricacies of creating visually compelling reports and dashboards."

Yuvraj Bharadwaj

MBA Student, IIT Mandi
"It was a wonderful experience to learn a lot about business intelligence and visualization with the help tool Power BI. It will surely will benefit us further."

Samarth Sinha

MBA Student, IIT Mandi
"It was an excellent course, learned a lot. Thank you."

Labhita Das

IIPS Mumbai
"The program was really helpful and the instructor taught very well and cleared every doubt."

Shubhika Kapoor

Rsearcher, New Delhi
"Firstly, Thank You for this wonderful opportunities. All the session was very nice and helpful for our research work. It helps to basic understanding of the MS Excel, then data cleaning and management and further some basic statistical tools. In near future will participate in the other technical programme. It is one of the best online training programme platform right now."

Mohai Menul Biswas

Researcher,Murshidabad,West Bengal
"It was a very informative program. I learned so much about excel. Looking forward to attend more workshops in future."

Shubham Narayan Dixit

Researcher,Salkhan, Sonbhadra, Uttar Pradesh
"The training is very helpful to me and now I know many new things in excel."

Ujjal Das

Researcher,Howrah,West Bengal
"It was useful for my work. Learned things and cleared the basic concepts. Thank you so much for it. In future would like to join such sessions."

Vicky Nandgaye

"The training program was extremely helpful... I want to attend in your upcoming workshop on SPSS."

Surajit Paul

Researcher,University of North Bengal
"It was an informative training that helped us to make our concepts clear."

Ajay Prakash

"Nice and informative session especially Bora sir's style of teaching. they listen everyone's problem very patiently and tried to answer them all. Thank you sir."

Badal Santoshrao Thool

Researcher,IIPS, Mumbai
"Its was a very helpful programme. I have learned many more things about excel."

Amit Sarkar

Researcher, Darjeeling
"This excel programme training was informative. I learnt new things about excel and conduct these types of programme. This will be useful to students, researchers and scientists."

Arjun Korah

Agricultural college Bapatla, Andhra Pradesh
"This Training program gave me first ever exposure to data analysis. It is really going to help me in my research work."

Anurag Kriti Narayan

"From this training program now I know many things about the analysis using excel and statistical techniques."

Tanusri Purkait

"Very informative workshop. I had learned sampling techniques, how to do literature review ,how to make a research proposal, how to apply different analytical tools for data analysis. Overall had a great experience."

Mrs. Dimpy Saikia

Assistant Professor,Nowgong Law College, Nagaon Haibargaon
"It was very clear to understand the methodology about research and the resource persons explained it very well"

Juthika Talukdar

Assistant Professor,G L Choudhury College , Barpeta Road,Assam
"It gives me immense satisfaction and pleasure to be associated with Dr Jayanta Bora and his esteemed organization VART.This organization is not endowed with the experts and esteemed faculties/resource persons from the research communities,but also aims at equipping the researchers with the latest up-to-date tools that will help them in their future research work. Although I have shifted to corporate world ,but being an ex IIPS student I am always interested in collaboration with researchers to publish papers in future.I have attended several workshops including NFHS,NSSO supported by various statistical software's like STATA and R. Moreover,Dr Bora is not only a trained demographer and statistician,but above all a very good human being and is like a father figure of all the new learners."

Soumyajit Kahali

Researcher, IIPS, Mumbai
"Over all the program was excellent. Thank you for all the resource person of the program and the host."

Charusmita Mahanta

Research Scholar, MSSV Nagaon Assam
"Very informative and beneficial session. It will help all the participants a lot."

Rajkumari Das

Assistant Professor,Nowgong Law College
"It was a very informative workshop. All the sessions were very important, from which the participants had a good theoretical knowledge as well as that of software training."

Ananya Duarah

Research Associate, IIPS,Mumbai
"All the session of the workshop was so informative and all the resource persons have share their knowledge so brilliantly."

Rabindra Changmai

Assistant Professor, Nowgong Law College
"A well organized workshop on an important topic with interesting and informative sessions"

Apurba Talukdar

Assistant Professor, Bhattadev University
"The workshop completed successfully and achieved its goals in full. Every session was excellent."

Subrata Sarkar

Assistant Professor, Abhayapuri College, Abhayapuri, Bongaigaon, Assam
"It was really a very good programme for all the researchers, made all the concepts regarding research very clear whether it was theory or any software"

Priya Awasthi

"Very nicely explained and presented by the resource persons, also very well organized by the organizer."

Zadan Khan

Department Of Geology, Aligarh Muslim University, Aligarh, U.P, India
"It was very much beneficial for a budding research scholar like me. The resource persons were extremely helpful in explaining each and every thing in detail. And the effort of the workshop organizers is quite commendable. Overall it was an enriching experience."

Anisha Mahanta

Researcher, Guwahati,Assam
"It was really useful for me as a research Scholar. I have just started my PhD so i was in great need of this kind of workshop..The techniques which i have learnt here will surely make my research more authentic and reliable."

Pratibha Singh

North Patel Nagar, Gokul Path, Patna, Bihar
"It was a good experience as I came to learn many new concepts that will be helpful for further research."

Atreyee Saikia

Tezpur University , Napam,Assam
"The workshop helped me in learning many new things. It was conducted in a very well organized manner. For me almost every topic are new and yes definitely I have gained lots of knowledge. Thanks for bringing such workshop."

Lwmshaw Sainary

Researcher,Roumari batabari,Assam
"The one week training program was fruitful one. I got the opportunity to know on the various software's available to help in carrying out research analysis smoothly. The resource persons explained their respective topics with much clarity which helped me to understand it quickly. I hope to be part of future training program again."

Moromita Roy

Dept. of Zoology, Kokrajhar Govt. College
"It was really a great experience. All the sessions were good. Resource persons were very knowledgeable and they answered all our queries. I came to know about different software such as SPSS, STATA, NVivo, R-Studio, etc. The best part of the workshop was the incorporation of theory and practical parts."

Nilotpal Bhattacharjee

Assam University, Silchar
"Firstly, thank you for the great workshop in a engaging way. I really eager to know the basics about the SPSS, STATA and R, here this workshop has totally fulfilled my demand. All of the sessions were really enjoyable and informative."

Pooja Yadav

PhD Scholar, JNU, New Delhi
"This workshop is greatly informative and knowledgeable. I have learnt many new things through this workshop which I have never learnt during my master degree, Ike the Software, STATA, R &R Studio, the NVIVOS, the SSPS, the QGIS, the qualitative and quantitative data, systematic literature review, etc. I hope like this kind of workshop should be conducted in the future, so that we as scholars could avail and access the opportunity to attend RM classes in the days to come."

Edmund Syad

Lakadong Village, East Jaintia Hills District, Meghalaya
"All the sessions are very informative and valuable, got to learn about many educational software's which are useful for doing research."

Rashmi Rekha Rabha

Assitant Professor,Dimoria College, Khetri,Assam
"The Resource persons were knowledgeable. Got to know about NVivo, STATA which is something new to me. Thank you!"

Jayeeta Brahma

Kokrajhar, Assam
"Such a eventful program. Got a lot to learn about different statistical terminology and statistical software. The organizing committee being very friendly made the learning much more easier."

Lisie L Patnayak

Raipur chhattisgarh
"The training was fruitful and helpful in all respects."

Himani Chhabra

Pratap Nagar, Sanganer, Jaipur, Rajasthan
"It was very Knowledgeable and well Organized. Research Methodology Workshop"

Abinash Jena

PhD Scholar, IIPS,Mumbai

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